So.. What is a Challenge Group?

Have you seen me posting about joining a challenge group and want more information? Maybe you just want to know what a challenge group is?! Check out the FAQs, and you will find the answers you need!

Q: What is a challenge group?
A: It’s a group of people all doing home workouts, drinking Shakeology, and following a clean meal plan. The group is 100% online through a closed Facebook group. It provides motivation, accountability, support, and makes living a healthy lifestyle FUN!

Q: Who would a challenge group be good for?
A: Anyone who is interested in starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle! If you want to feel healthy, confident, strong, sexy, happy, or toned – you’re in the right place. There are different groups for different people – so guys, you get your own group!

Q: Who is eligible to join a challenge group?
A: Anyone who is resident of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, or any US military base. Also, those who are not currently working with a coach. The group is only open to those ages 18+.

Q: What company provides the products?
A: I am partnered with the number one at home fitness company, Beachbody.

Q: Is there a fee for having a coach?
A: No! This is the really sweet part – everything you gain from having a coach and being a part of the accountability group is 100% FREE! You’ll get access to meal plans, extra workouts, personal development, one on one goal setting, and support through every step of your journey. The only thing you are responsible for purchasing is your physical products to lead you down the road to success.

Q: What’s the difference between ordering the programs through you or the late night infomercial?
A: The only difference is that you get all the support of a coach, like we talked about in the question before. Same programs, Same prices, TONS of extra’s.

Q: How do I know which program is right for me?
A: I am here to help you! I pride myself on knowing the ins and outs of every single program. I can talk to you about picking a program that fits your time, space, and goals! Fill out this form and submit it – I’ll reach out to you with my recommendations and even show you some transformation pictures from challengers who have completed the program!

Q: Why are you a good coach for me?
A: I started using these products as a challenger, not a coach! I was unhealthy, unhappy, and unconfident and knew I needed a change! I started using Turbo Fire, drinking Shakeology daily, following a clean eating meal plan, and participating in an accountability group daily! I started to see change immediately, and I fell more and more in love with my new outlook on health! I have been in your shoes, the shoes of someone getting started for the first time, or for the first time in awhile and I would never ask you to do something I am not CURRENTLY doing. Since I started on this journey, I quit smoking, decreased my anxiety, started feeling comfortable in my own skin, lost 27 pounds and 13 inches from my waist, and quit my job working as a nurse to help others change their lives, just like I did! I want you to see results, gain knowledge about nutrition, and get back to feeling good. Check out my journey here!

Q: Why will this time be different for me? I’ve tried lots of other things in the past.
A: As I said, I have done this from start to finish. We all have different journeys, but one thing is the same – the effort we put in and the accountability and standards we hold for ourselves. I hold myself to high standards {meaning that excuses and blaming doesn’t work for me} and I won’t let it work for you either, because the truth is, those things don’t work for anyone. I will not hold your hand, but I will work with you as much as you work with me. You commit to giving this your all, participating every day, and STOP the blame game, and you will see results, I promise. You only get what you give in all aspects of life. If you join this group with a positive attitude, a can-do mindset, and a big goal, there is no stopping you, and us. The possibilities are endless for us in a professional and personal relationship!

Do you have additional questions? I would love to talk to you about goals, dreams, plans, and plain old life! Email me at and I’ll get right back to you, because you guys are what’s important to me.




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