What is Coaching?

When I have the privilege of talking to others about my job, most of them initially think that I am so lucky to work from home, doing something I love, and helping others. Let me tell you why they’re wrong. Luck is winning a new car or finding money in a parking lot. It means that you have received something desirable by chance. For that reason, I am not lucky, but blessed. This job isn’t something you can do by chance. It’s the greatest blessing that has ever happened to me, and it can happen to you too. I am not special. Just a girl, willing to think outside of the box and color outside of the lines. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Check out this short video I made explaining why being a health and wellness coach could be right for you 🙂

Here are just a few more things to know about this crazy blessing

  • I help others work toward their health and fitness goals by provide them with information and lots of tools to be successful!
  • I work from home and set my own hours
  • I can’t be fired from this job for not reaching a number or working a certain amount of hours.
  • I am my own boss and I work hard to do well in the job because I want to, not because I am forced to.
  • I train my team to be successful and get to watch them accomplish huge goals weekly.

Now let me tell you what you don’t have to be!

  • A fitness model
  • A health freak
  • A personal trainer
  • Knowledgable about sales – all of my training came from ladies on my team, and all of your training will come directly from me.

Yep, you’re reading correctly. I work mainly from social media, on my own terms. I make my own hours, and take vacation time without a “request form”. I have financial freedom and have already surpassed my paycheck from working part time as a nurse. Was it always this easy? No. It took time to build this business, but it is my own. I don’t “work for the man”, I can put as much or as little effort into this as I like. Plus, I get a discount on my favorite fitness products that I would use with or without this job. I originally became a health and fitness coach only for the discount (which is awesome), but then fell so in love with the business, that I made it my full-time career.

So…did you watch the video? If the idea of joining a team of ladies and men who love their jobs, love each other, and love changing lives get’s your heart beating a little bit faster – fill out the form below, and you will be contacted by a myself or a member of our team shortly!

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