Brands I love {& you will too!}

I promised to put together a list of brands that I love for my favorite foods. Yes, I realize I promised that…months ago. Sorry! But, let’s not dwell on the past because TODAY is the day that the list is starting! So.. in no particular order, I am going to list my favorite brands for each staple product that I LOVE {and that I know is clean!}

This is just a start, and I promise to continue to update! 🙂

brands i love

Peanut butter – Justin’s

Almond butter – Justin’s

Greek Yogurt – Fage 0%

Syrup – Hey Shuga

Almond Milk – Silk (unsweetened)

Bar – Larabar

Popcorn – Angies Boomchickapop or Boomchickapuff

Peanut butter cups (sweet treat!) – Justins

Bread – Ezekiel

Tortilla Wraps- Ezekiel

English Muffins – Ezekiel

Granola – Ezekiel or Trader Joe’s Gluten Free


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